So I am obsessed with buffalo chicken tenders.

Actually, my favorite is buffalo chicken wraps or salads but either way- they are just utterly delicious, and actually, obsessed doesn’t come close to my passion for these little nuggets of joy. Don’t even try to tell me you don’t like buffalo. chicken. tenders. Oooo… and the crunchy celery and carrots that accompany them, who can you ever say NO to that? Oh right… ME. I’m a little health conscious freak and unless I do a solid hour of spin class, eating fried food slathered in cheese is just something I cannot do… unless I have had one or two glasses of these bad boys: (INSERT PICTURE OF WINE)

Then everything is fair game.

Please don’t judge me!

HOWEVER, I eat chicken all the time and just so happened to have eaten it every day for dinner this week and happened to have some frozen ground beef that is taking up space in my freezer… and since moving in with the ol’ boyfriend (yep, he is 6 months older and during those precious six months before my age “officially” catches up to him, he hears OLD boyfriend all the time) I have realized how much men truly love their MEAT. So meat for dinner it is! Combined with my undying love for buffalo sauce and blue cheese.

I have also discovered and fallen in love with the Laughing Cow flavored wedges.


And by using these little blue cheese beauties, I keep the flavor and still indulge in one of my favorite bar-food combination’s.

I give you: the blue cheese stuffed buffalo burgers…

seriously I would GIVE you one right this instant if I could.


approximately .85lb-1lb 97% lean ground beef

2 tablespoons Franks Hot Sauce

1/4 cup Italian Style Breadcrumbs

1.5 teaspoons honey

1 egg

4 wedges Laughing Cow Blue Cheese Lite


Mix ground beef, hot sauce, egg and bread crumbs together in large bowl

Once ingredients are mixed thoroughly, separate into 8 small balls and form individual thin patties

Cut each Laughing Cow in half and each half side by side on four of the eight patties

Place remaining burger patties on top of cheese topped patties and pinch edges to seal shut

Grill burgers! I did this on a stove top but you can use a George Foreman Grill or a real charcoal or gas grill



Top with lettuce and tomato and serve on a whole wheat bun and sliced carrots and celery.